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Book chapters

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Technical Notes

Gatto, L. and Schretter, C. Designing Primer Pairs and Oligos with OligoFaktorySE. EMBnet.news, North America, 15, oct. 2009 (pdf - software).

Schretter, C. and Gatto, L. A Tiny Queuing System for Blast Servers December, 2005 (short, long versions).

Oral communications

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Gatto L. Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics/Metabolomics using R and Bioconductor Bioconductor Developer Meeting Europe, EMBL Heidelberg, 17 - 18 November 2010. (invited talk, This is a short introduction talk on mass spectrometry that aimed at setting stage the talks of the proteomics session into context.)

Gatto L. Labelled quantitative proteomics with MSnbase Bioconductor Developer Meeting Europe, EMBL Heidelberg, 17-18 November 2010. (invited talk)

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